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Interview with Megan Hoskin; Packrafting the Grand Union Canal

After joining Love Her Wild on the Paddle Pickup expedition, Megan Hoskin felt inspired and ready to take on her own big challenge. Teaming up with Siriol (who she also met on Paddle Pickup) they launched Dare Two Do and formed a plan to take on a world first,...

Interview with Wendy Searle; reaching the South Pole

How does a mum from Wiltshire end up leading an expedition pioneering a new route to the geographic South Pole? We caught up with Wendy Searle - mum, writer, snowboarder, skydiver and expedition leader - to find out about her South Pole 2020 expedition and how exactly...

Interview with Sophie Kelly; launching SNOOKS

We recently met the SNOOK girls at the Shextrmeme festival and immediately loved their vibe and their gear. Sophie Kelly is one of the founders of the company and we wanted to hear more about their plans and what it has been like starting a business from scratch....

Interview with Phoebe Smith; Extreme Sleeps

 Despite holding down a busy job being award-winning editor of Wanderlust Travel Magazine, Phoebe Smith also finds time to go on adventures, specifically searching out extreme sleeps! She was the first person to sleep at all the extreme points of mainland Britain –...

Interview with Vix Harris; Walking Jordan Solo

Long time server of NGO's, Vix Harris, decided to take on an adventure to raise money for a charity close to her heart, Doctors Without Borders. Earlier this year she hiked the Jordan Trail - one of only a handful of people in the world who have done the whole trail....

Interview with Lucy Shepherd; Hiking the GR20

24 year old Lucy Shepherd is no stranger to adventure. She has explored the Arctic, the Andes and the Amazon and has captained a team in one of the world's toughest and most remote races in Patagonia. She has hiked the GR20 and took part in a solo 500-mile trek across...