Meet the Love Her Wild team making it happen….

Bex Band – Founder & Director

As well as running the Love Her Wild community, I’m an author and speaker, championing all things adventure and conservation. My love of adventure has led me to hike the length of Israel, kayak the width of the UK against plastic pollution and kick-scoot the length of the USA. You can find out more about me on my website or follow me on Instagram or Facebook.

Ella Hewton – England & Wales Community Manager

My background is in Leadership & Management programmes, and I believe having adventures can develop these skills too, by stepping outside of our comfort zones and building confidence. I’ve supported several large expeditions, including an ocean row and a challenge involving 7 channel swims within one year (!). Having grown up playing team sports, I thrive being part of a team, supporting each other to do more than you could on your own, so I love being part of Love Her Wild community.

Eve circle

Eve Armstrong – Scotland & Northern Ireland Community Manager

I’m always happiest outside and will try my hand at just about anything outdoorsy! At the moment, that is a lot of wild swimming, hillwalking, wild camping and bouldering. Love Her Wild is the perfect fit for me because I love inspiring and supporting others in finding their place in the outdoor community. Time spent with the brilliant women who are part of Love Her Wild is always special and I am thrilled to be supporting the community as it grows in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Eve circle

Rachel Healey – Communication Manager

I’ve always been happiest outdoors, ever since I was a small child. In past years I’ve been a keen white water kayaker, climber and caver, although I now spend more time in my canoe, cycle touring and sea kayaking. I also enjoy wild swimming and long distance hiking. I’m a mother of three teenage boys, and we love to expedition as a family in the wilds of the UK and Europe. Love Her Wild helps me balance my life – it gives me space to explore who I am away from family commitments, and I’m passionate and proud of the work we do nationally and within the Local groups and I want to share that with the world! As well as running the social media accounts for Love Her Wild I’m also a Local Wilder, running the Gloucestershire local group.

Fiona Orrell – Event & Corporate Fundraising Manager

With a passion for the outdoors, I’m currently grabbing life’s opportunities with both hands! I love hiking, outdoor swimming, paddle boarding and camping in my van, but I’m always up for giving anything new a go! I squeeze in as many adventures as possible around being a Mum and my other work converting micro campers. Joining the Love Her Wild Community has been hugely rewarding for me, and I value every opportunity I get to work with the group and join the adventures! This community and its members really are something special, and I feel extremely fortunate to be a part of it.

Dee Saund – Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Officer

Although I have lived in a typical ‘city living’ kind of way for most of my life, in the past few years, it has become an essential part of my routine to destress and re-energise in nature, away from the hustle and bustle. I enjoy hiking, walking, running and trying new things such as shinrin yoku. When I joined Love Her Wild’s End2End Relay, I knew this was a community I wanted to be a part of – I was so warmly welcomed and felt like I had been waiting to connect with a group of women like this for a long time. I am proud to be a part of the team! 

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Priteni Critchlow Horning – Community Partnerships Manager

In May 2022 I voluntarily quit my job to provide cycle support for the Women’s End to End Relay, an epic event run by Love Her Wild. Now, I am hugely grateful and truly thrilled to join the team, providing Community Support to this most wonderful and wild group of women. Alongside bikepacking and cycling, I can be found with this very same grin on my face after running, hiking, walking or cold water swimming. As well of course after great coffee and cake! In addition to supporting Love Her Wild, I am also a reserve member of the Royal Army Medical Services and an aspiring expedition medic.

Megan Bull – Community Support

I am passionate about how adventure can increase confidence and self-esteem in us all. I did not see myself as an ‘outdoor’ person until my early 20s. However, after starting rock climbing at my local bouldering wall, I slowly gained enthusiasm for the wild world.  Since then, to name just a few adventures, I have rock climbed outside all over the UK, jumped in lochs, camped in bothies, sea kayaked, and cycled from coast to coast. My most recent adventure is becoming Mum to my awesome son! I am proud to work for LHW who are helping to create a fairer world for him to grow up in.

Fran Pearson – Head Moderator

I’m most at ease being outside in all weathers. My biggest passions are hiking and wild swimming, something that I share with my two children. A personal situation forced me to give up work 7 years ago and turning to nature helped me get through that tough transitional period, now back working, I still use my escapes into nature as my grounding crutch. My first real contact with LHW was being a expedition member on The Woods Expedition in 2018. Such a memorable experience and the fellow members certainly epitomised the LHW ethos. It’s an absolute pleasure to be part of this awesome group.

Jess Vincent – Fundraising Bids Manager

Happiest outdoors – no matter the weather! – I have a keen interest in paddlesports, hillwalking and have most recently been exploring the world of rock climbing. Having had a taste for working in the outdoors in North Wales, the beauty and awe-inspiring landscapes, coastlines and people keep drawing me back. I have a strong belief in the power of adventurous living and love the opportunity to support other women find and explore their own ‘wild’ side. The Love Her Wild community is full of such incredible and inspiring women, and I am excited to be part of the team!


Siân Brewer – Expedition Leader

I’m a geographer, Mountain Leader and outdoor learning practitioner so adventures with me usually involve maps, walking and spotting anything from wildlife to history. My passion is for helping people develop skills, knowledge and confidence in the outdoors – to adventure in it and look after it. I’m a big believer in the Love Her Wild ethos that adventures can be of any shape or size and I often work with people having their first outdoor adventure. Find out more on my website and Instagram.
catherine edsell

Catherine Edsell – Expedition Leader

Having worked as a conservationist and global expedition leader for over 20 years in some of the remotest areas of the planet, (sometimes with my kids in tow), I keenly notice the benefits of being completely off-grid, immersed in the natural world. Nothing makes me happier than to encourage women to ‘step into the wild’ and have a real adventure!  
Over the years I’ve added a few strings to my bow: Field Guide of South Africa, PADI Divemaster, Reef Check trainer, Mountain Leader, yoga teacher, TEDx Speaker, published author and an ambassador for EHRA supporting endangered desert adapted elephants. Find out more on my website

Jan Phillips – Expedition Leader

I’ve been a bit of a mountain goat all my life, starting at aged 8 months pulling my dad’s hair out in the baby carrier! I work as a dental nurse during the week, specialising in special care and emergencies which I enjoy. My true heart lies in North Wales up in the mountains though. I have two autistic children who are both following in my love of the mountains.
Getting involved with Love her wild is so exciting! 

Chessie Gordon – Designer

Happiest when outdoors, particularly when splashing about in water. I’m a freelance graphic designer and illustrator ( living, adventuring and working in West Wales. I’m an advocate for responsible design and love working with sustainability minded brands. 
I’ve found being a part of the Love Her Wild community a transformative experience. The sense of inclusivity and support there is within the community is really special.

Rhianon Elizabeth – Resident Artist

I am a mother, an artist, and a leader. And I am in awe of nature. Nothing beats the colours and textures you find when out for walks! I’ve spent most of my life as a child/young adult in the bush and think that it will always inspire me. This is why I am so excited to be working with Love Her Wild. I aim to empower others to unlock their potential and creativity. Find out more on my website.

Hannah Zervas – Resident Photographer & Filmmaker

You’ll mostly find me in the hills with my camera around my neck! I am in my second year of university studying a BA Degree in Photography and Film- combining my creativity side with my love for the outdoors and I couldn’t be happier. I joined the Love Her Wild Community before the pandemic hit and I felt like I had finally found my tribe. I have met so many incredible women doing incredible things, which has inspired me further to want to tell stories through my lens. I’m a firm believer that spending time outdoors is important to our well-being. I would love to inspire more people to reconnect with nature, to get out in the elements, out of their comfort zone and make their gran proud! Follow on Instagram.

Harri Corp – Resident Photographer & Filmmaker

I am a life enthusiast that loves to embrace all that the great outdoors has to offer. Whether that is hiking in the mountains, plunging myself into cold water for a wild swim, going full speed on my downhill mountain bike or leisurely paddling on my SUP- you name it I will give it a go, always with my camera to hand. Through a range of media such as writing, filmmaking and photography I hope to inspire people to live a more adventurous life, whatever that might be to them. I am thrilled to be a resident photographer/film-maker for Love Her Wild, as well as being an admin of the Shropshire and Snowdonia group, and the main Love Her Wild page. Find out more on my website and Instagram.

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