Meet the Love Her Wild team making it happen….

I’m Bex Band, founder of Love Her Wild.

The best thing that ever happened to me was going on an adventure! It built my confidence and made me realise my full potential and I haven’t stopped since. As well as running Love Her Wild, I’m blogger, speaker and ocean advocate, I’ve hiked the length of Israel and kick-scooted the length of the USA. You can find out more about me on the Ordinary Adventurer.

I discovered my love of adventure late in life. It wasn’t easy in the beginning…I found the outdoors very masculine and judgemental. As an ordinary woman struggling with low self-esteem I felt very out of place. So I set up Love Her Wild to help other women access adventure in a more supportive and fun way!

Every woman deserves to find out what they are capable of.

Love Her Wild has grown to a community of over 5,500 women. We connect women locally (in the UK) and organise expeditions all over the world. Sign up to our newsletter below. Join our private Facebook group and check out our upcoming adventures.

I look forward to meeting you on an adventure soon 🙂

Bex x

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Seanna Fallon – Community Manager

I’m an outdoors enthusiast, a wanderluster, a dreamer, a blogger (Seanna’s World), a sloth-like runner, a casual yogi, a soon-to-be arctic adventurer, an advocate for using the outdoors to improve mental health, and a dabbler in anything active or nature orientated. Contrary to many in this neck of the woods, I defend my position to not quit my job for adventures but rather to do meaningful work that gives me stability, but squeeze as much fun as possible into my spare time. I’m obsessed with Love Her Wild and the world it has opened up to me!! 

Tanzi Baigent – Eco Ambassador

After a recent move to Devon from the Alps I found a way to bring my passion for adventure home, with surfing & paddle boarding fitting in well with my other loves of downhill biking, hiking and trail running. I am Director of ethical jewellery brand, LUPE, a meditation teacher and I am currently writing a book about global environmental sustainability. Find out more on my website here.

Amanda Coles – Mum-bassador

Do you ever think that you are capable of so much more in your life but you’re held back by thoughts that you’re ‘not quite good enough’ to achieve those quiet dreams you have in the back of your head? Im willing to make a bet the answer is yes because I’ve been there as well – and I want to change all that for you, because you need to believe that you really are amazing and you can achieve ANYTHING you truly want in life. I’m a mama to 2 girls, wife, master NLP practitioner, life coach, and clinical hypnotherapist and I work with women like you to change your mindset from the inside-out and to create unshakeable belief and confidence in yourself.

Jan Phillips – Expedition Leader (Wales expert)

I’ve been a bit of a mountain goat all my life, starting at aged 8 months pulling my dad’s hair out in the baby carrier! I work as a dental nurse during the week, specialising in special care and emergencies which I enjoy. My true heart lies in North Wales up in the mountains though. I have two autistic children who are both following in my love of the mountains.
Getting involved with Love her wild is so exciting!