Meet the Love Her Wild team making it happen….

I’m Bex Band, founder of Love Her Wild.

The best thing that ever happened to me was going on an adventure! It improved my physical and mental wellbeing. It boosted my confidence. It gave me some of the greatest friends and instilled a passion for protecting the environment.

It wasn’t until my mid-20s that I started going on adventures and it wasn’t easy at first. I found the outdoors to be male-dominant, competitive and judgemental, even sometimes experiencing overt sexism. I felt I didn’t belong. So I set up Love Her Wild, to create a different kind of space in the outdoors. One that was kind, supportive and non-judgmental. A space that didn’t care if you reached your goal or not, only that you had a good time along the way.

Love Her Wild has grown to a friendly community of over 25,000 collective members. We connect women locally (in the UK) and organise expeditions all over the world. Sign up to our newsletter, join our Facebook group and check out our upcoming adventures.

As well as running Love Her Wild, I’m an author and speaker, championing the outdoors and conservation, I’ve hiked the length of Israel, kayaked the width of the UK against plastic pollution and kick-scooted the length of the USA. You can find out more about me on my blog.

I look forward to meeting you on an adventure soon 🙂

Bex x

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Ella Hewton – Community Manager

I love the space the great outdoors offers us, away from the general busy-ness of life. I enjoy exploring what nature has to offer via foot, 2 wheels and fully immersed in the cold waters of the UK. In my day job I support people to lead healthier lives through health checks and coaching, but I believe getting outdoors and active is a cornerstone to this. I’ve supported several large expeditions including an ocean row and a challenge involving 7 channel swims within one year (!). Having grown up playing team sports I love being part of a team, supporting each other to do more than you could on your own so I’m very excited to be involved more with Love Her Wild!

Fiona Orrell – Event Organiser

With a passion for the outdoors, I’m currently grabbing life’s opportunities with both hands! I love hiking, outdoor swimming, wild camping, cycling, climbing and I’m always up for giving anything new a go! As a Mum of two, I squeeze in as many adventures around my work and family life as possible. Director of my own online business (Ocean Clear) selling products aimed at reducing every day waste, I run a voluntary community recycling scheme alongside which has provided me with a platform to connect with schools and environmental charities locally. Joining the Love Her Wild Community has been hugely rewarding for me and now I’m really happy to a part of it!

Clare Johnson – Adventure Blogger

I am never truly happy unless I set myself a challenge, whether it’s hiking, running, completing obstacle courses, trekking or sky diving in new and exciting places. My Mum wasn’t too happy when I jumped from a plane at 15,000ft, but she has since forgiven me!
A career in teaching has always kept me busy, which is more of a reason to not ever let this get in the way of grabbing at as many opportunities as possible. Currently based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, opportunities to explore this part of the world and beyond has been truly sensational. I am thrilled and excited to be a part of the Love Her Wild family who help to empower and inspire all women to become the adventurers that we truly all are.

Kate Owen – Expedition Leader

Adventure and work has always been very closely linked for me. I spent 8 years working in television where I was lucky enough to travel all over the world making documentaries about the planet, it’s amazing cultures and the environment. Now I work as an expedition leader and guide taking groups of young people and adults on adventures to encourage them to learn about the world, look after our planet and use the natural environment to help our wellbeing. I have lived out of my car, on friends sofas and on a tiny boat but the dream is too build a small house, grow my own veggies, have some animals and help people struggling with mental health through the outdoors.

Jan Phillips – Expedition Leader

I’ve been a bit of a mountain goat all my life, starting at aged 8 months pulling my dad’s hair out in the baby carrier! I work as a dental nurse during the week, specialising in special care and emergencies which I enjoy. My true heart lies in North Wales up in the mountains though. I have two autistic children who are both following in my love of the mountains.
Getting involved with Love her wild is so exciting! 

Chessie Gordon – Designer

Happiest when outdoors, particularly when splashing about in water. I’m a freelance graphic designer and illustrator ( living, adventuring and working in West Wales. I’m an advocate for responsible design and love working with sustainability minded brands. 
I’ve found being a part of the Love Her Wild community a transformative experience. The sense of inclusivity and support there is within the community is really special.

Fran Pearson – Head Moderator

I’m most at ease being outside in all weathers. My biggest passions are hiking and wildswimming, something that I share with my two children. A personal situation forced me to give up work 5 years ago and turning to nature helped me get through that tough transitional period, now back working, I still use my escapes into nature as my grounding crutch. My first real contact with LHW was being a expedition member on The Woods Expedition in 2018. Such a memorable experience and the fellow members certainly epitomised the LHW ethos. It’s an absolute pleasure to be part of this awesome group.

Priteni Horning – PR Manager

Growing up I was not sporty or particularly active. However the Gold Duke Of Edinburgh hike is still, to this day, one of my best experiences, as it marked a turning point in my life. A year later I decided to do something that completely surprised me, and my family – a trip to Southeast Asia and Japan. Now I thrive on having adventures, whether that be a carefree country walk or a challenging cycling from Scotland to Bristol. Whilst I still relish my home comforts, I know that I need to love and cater for the wild in me to feel completely happy. Therefore I am thrilled to be helping this incredible community, supporting more women in finding and loving their own wild too.