Deserving Women Scheme


As part of our commitment to supporting women in adventure, Love Her Wild runs 3 community initiatives – local communities (with free meet-ups), a mentoring program and the Deserving Women Scheme.

Women continue to be under- and mis-represented in the outdoors in all areas from pursuing careers, pay and sponsorship opportunities to coverage in the media and outdoor clothing. The women who face the biggest barriers though are those least represented because of ethnic, social or financial status.

To tackle this lack of diversity and opportunity in the outdoors, Love Her Wild launched the Deserving Women Scheme to give away free or heavily subsidised places on our adventures and occasionally also kit.

Over 45 women have benefited from a place on the Deserving Women Scheme and we’ve distributed over £5,000 worth of outdoor kit!

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 The Deserving Women Scheme is run on a trust basis. Women can put themselves forward or can be nominated by a friend or family member and names are chosen at random. We ask that all women who apply or are being nominated fit into one or more of our under-represented groups:

2020 Opportunities:

– 6 Free spaces at the Wild Weekend South *Mar 14 deadline*
– 5 Free spaces at the Wild Weekend North *Aug 10 deadline*
– 1 Subsidised space on the Wild Lakes of Snowdonia Aug adventure *CLOSED*
– 1 Subsidised space on the Wild Lakes of Snowdonia Sep adventure (£100 off advertised price) *Aug 10 deadline*

Apply Now:

By applying you agree to the following:

- Can attend the adventure they are applying for and are responsible for getting themselves to the start and finish of the expedition plus any additional charges beyond the expedition fee

- Are a member of the Love Her Wild Facebook community

- Agree to provide a short statement regarding their experience following the adventure (you can remain anonymous if you like!)