Mentor scheme

When starting out on a new adventure, it’s not uncommon to have hundreds of questions spinning around in your head. How do you work out where to sleep each night? How far should I plan to travel each day? What do I eat? How exactly do I go to the toilet?!

That’s why having contact with an experienced adventurer can be so invaluable. They can offer advice and help you work out what’s important and what’s not, what needs to be planned and what can be worked out along the way..

But a mentor is more than just a useful resources. They are a figure of support and encouragement. And living proof of what is possible!

For so many women, lack of confidence has prevented them from achieving their adventure dreams. Which is why Love Her Wild set up the mentoring scheme.

 We connected women with a challenge in mind with a suitable female adventurer. A mentor to provide advice, inspiration and words of encouragement.With the Love Her Wild Mentor Scheme, we hope to see a few more adventures become a reality….

Running the South West Coast

In 2018 Leah Atherton will be in denial about turning 30. She has decided to mark the event by running the South West Coast Path, a 630-mile coastal path, in memory of her late father, a talented athlete who taught her that stubbornness is good and that magic is never lost, only forgotten. Leah will be mentored by Elise Downing.

Meet the Mentor: Elise Downing

In her own words, “one evening, the idea of running around the coast of Britain popped into my head.  It was an idea I just couldn’t shake.  I liked running and I liked the sea – what can possibly go wrong?“.  Between 2015 and 2016, Elise made her dream a reality when she spent the best part of a year running 5,000 miles, unsupported around the British Coast. She was running up to 33miles a day and carrying all her kit on her back.

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Meet the Mentee: Leah Atherton

Leah is a linguist, runner and poet. Originally from Devon, she is happiest when at least 65% covered in mud. Sometimes she writes words about things and shares them with people on her blog.

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Cycling to Copenhagen

This summer, Alice is planning a trip that will see her cycle from the UK to a city she’s been told she’ll love due to its vast number of bikes, scenery and outdoor activities – Copenhagen. Having completed a cycle challenge at home when just 16 years old, and recently tasted cycle touring abroad, she is ready for more. Alice will be mentored by Jenny Tough.

Meet the Mentor: Jenny Tough

Jenny has travelled to six continents solo. She has cycled around Europe, paddled through the South American jungle, run marathons, dived with sharks, surfed in the North Sea, competed in numerous adventure races, and lived in five countries. In 2016, Jenny ran over 900 kilometres in 25 days, the length ofKyrgyzstan , solo and self-supported. She believes everyone has the spirit of an explorer within them; “Whatever your ability and availability, get outside, and go find an adventure“.

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Meet the Mentee: Alice Hall

Alice, 20 from Liverpool, loves the mountains rivers and lakes and spends as much time as she can immerse into the natural environment. When she isn’t out and about she’s riding her bike, studying Outdoor Education at university or back home on her narrow-boat.


Walking 5000 Miles in a Year

Sadly in 2015, when Natalie Thomas’s daughter was just 7 weeks old, her father passed away. In November 2016, fed up with being overweight, she decided to do something about it. 2017 is the 2nd anniversary of her father passing away and she wanted to continue his high charity work spirit. Natalie has set herself an epic challenge: 365 days.. an average woman….mum to a 2-year-old daughter.. one aim.. to walk 5000 miles. Natalie will be mentored by Laura Penhaul.

Meet the Mentor: Laura Penhaul

Laura Penhaul didn’t just have a dream to lead the first ever all-female team across the Pacific ocean, she made it happen. In January 2016, after almost 9 months at sea, Laura and the Coxless Crew rowed into the harbour at Cairns, Australia. They’d journeyed over 9,200 miles across the Pacific, becoming the first all-female team, and the first ever team of four to do so in the process. She is now back in her day job as a medic for the GB Athletics Paralympic team.

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Meet the Mentee: Natalie Thomas

Natalie is a 28-year-old mum to a little girl called Gia. She works in care and leads what she calls ‘a pretty average life‘. Natalie grew up in Yorkshire with her mum and dad. Charity and giving things back to people was a really important part of her childhood, which is why she has dedicated the adventure to raising money.

You can follow Natalie on her blog and donate here.


100km Continuous Walk

After a hip operation, Pamela was looking for something to focus on to help her through the rehabilitation. Running was now out of the question. By chance, she discovered the 100km Thames Path Challenge. A continuous 100km walk, with a target time of 20 -33 hours. That was it, Pamela was hooked. She may not be able to run, but she can definitely walk! Pamela will be mentored by Bex Band.

Meet the Mentor: Bex Band

Fed up with trying to be happy with  9-5 living, Bex quit her job as a teacher to pursue a life of adventure and travel. Since then she has hiked over 1000km the length of Israel, sailed across the North Sea and completed an expedition in the Arctic Circle. Through blogging and freelance expedition work, she has found a way to earn a living.

Find out more about Bex here.

Meet the Mentee: Pamela Bortey

Pamela lives in London and is currently working for a music company. She decided to sign up for a challenge to really push herself out of her comfort zone – hiking 100km of the Thames Path. In one go! As someone who hasn’t hiked before this is a big challenge.

You can follow Natalie on her blog and donate here.


Hiking the North Coast 500

Shell Owen is planning to hike 500 miles on the North Coast route which goes the perimeter of the Scottish Highlands. She is aiming for a goal time of 30 days. The North Coast 500 is usually favoured by drivers and cyclists but, as Shell puts it, “surely this is the route the Proclaimers foresaw in their hit I would walk 500 miles, and so I decided that I would walk it”. Shell will be mentored by Emma Timmis.

Meet the Mentor: Emma Timmis

Emma often finds herself on a continuous cycle of adventurous pursuits from cycling, hiking, climbing, skating and running. She has run across Africa twice, cycled to the Dolomites and won the award for Physical Endeavour at the National Adventure Awards 2015. She considers herself a normal person  and one of her strategies in life is to “try to work on my weaknesses and focus on embracing my strengths

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Meet the Mentee: Shell Owen

Shell is a 27-year-old adventure newbie. She works as a freelance Assistant Producer in Glasgow and she says she wants there to be more than her job that defines her as a person.In the past year, she has jumped head first into the outdoors and the world of fitness. Taking her first steps into running and hillwalking, she also enjoys cycling and cross-fit which she says she can’t live without. Inspired by other female adventurers, she has set up Girl Powered and hopes to inspire others as she goes on this journey.

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