***Due to the Coronavirus, the relay has moved to 2022! Exact dates and bookings will re-open later this year. In the meantime, make sure you join our Facebook group for updates. Thank you for continuing to support us***

Love Her Wild is launching our most exciting adventure yet…. Women’s End2End; a hiking relay stretching the length of the UK. And we need your help! 

Starting 5th August in Land’s End, the Women’s End2End relay will finish 74 days later in John O’Groats. Hundreds of women from across the UK will come together to help carry the baton across 2,028km and over 36.970m of elevation.

This is an eco relay! All money raised from the adventure will go to The Woodland Trust to help protect UK’s wild spaces and participants will be encouraged to take away plastic pollution en route.

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Thanks to our women’s End2End supporters:

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So, this is women only?

The Love Her Wild community was set up to help get more women outdoors on adventures. We believe every woman deserves an adventure, because they build confidence, forge friendships and help realise potential.

Women are still underrepresented in the outdoors in many areas so we wanted to create a positive space to help tackle this. We’re not interested in competition, going the furthest or being the fastest….instead, our adventures put a focus on teamwork, support and just having a good time. Find out more on our about page and don’t forget to join our private women’s only Facebook group.

How does the Women’s End2End relay work?

The relay has been split up into 74 individual day hikes. Women can commit to doing one of these days….or more if you like! You must sign up via our website if you want to join. You will be responsible for ensuring you are fit and healthy enough to participate in the section you’ve signed up for. There will be a Facebook group dedicated for each relay section where you can get to know your teammates and organise lift shares, etc (found on The Route page). 

Every woman will pay £25 to sign up for a day. All money raised from sign ups will go towards Woodland Trust supporting UK conservation projects. You can do additional fundraising if you like but there is absolutely no pressure to do so.

Do I have to do the full day hike? 


You are welcome to leave the relay at any point – do a half day or just a mile – but you will be responsible for yourself and getting yourself back to the start/end as soon as you leave the baton and the leader.For this reason it’s important that you are fit enough to participate and are carrying suitable gear. You will also need to sign up for the day no matter how little you intend to walk so our leaders know to expect you.

What about transport and accommodation?

Each participant will be responsible for getting themselves to and from the relay, although we’ve set up Facebook groups so you can try coordinate lift shares with teammates doing the same stretch as you. In some of the more remote stretches it may be possible to wild camp if you do so respectfully. We also recommend getting creative and calling on the community for help. On previous adventures we’ve been allowed to kip overnight in churches, village halls and to pitch a tent in a school field. Often it’s just a case of explaining what you are doing and asking.

Are dogs and children allowed?

Unfortunately not, all participants must be human and 18+. The only exception is if you are from an organisation who would like to bring helpers and adults along to participate…..if you get in touch we may be able to organise for you to join a specific day.

Can I help even if I’m not walking?


We are going to need a community to support our team of women making the Women’s End2End relay happen. There are lots of ways you can help – offering lifts, bringing cake and hot drinks en route, putting team members up for a night (you can offer these on the relevant days via our relay Facebook groups found on this page). If you can help in other ways – taking photos, putting us in contact with press, or any other suggestions – please get in touch with Bex on bex@loveherwild.com.