Laura Kennington has just returned from her epic Channel Island Triathlon, swimming, kayaking, walking and cycling her way around 3 Channel Islands – Sark, Guernsey and Jersey. An endurance athlete and adventurer, Laura has a passion for encouraging others to think a little bigger. Her previous adventures include cycling 2600km through Ireland and sailing from Sweden to the UK. Working on a freelance basis within the fitness industry, she can mainly be found pursuing adventures and training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Interview with Laura Kennington; Channel Island Triathlon

Name: Laura Kennington
Home: Mostly London but I move around quite a bit!

Age: 30
Environment I like the most: the ocean – if ever I need to make an important decision, I always head straight to water.
Best place I have visited: San Francisco holds a special place in my heart
My favourite adventure: Nearly impossible to choose but I’ll say cycling the west coast of Ireland last year. It was special for so many reasons – not least of all because I had no idea just how outrageously beautiful Ireland could be.
My dream adventure: The list is never-ending! Currently obsessed with Patagonia and Nepal
Can’t go on an adventure without? My lucky mascot, Murphy! (sensible answer: Water-To-Go bottle)

Congratulations on completing the recent Channel Islands Triathlon, it looked like a seriously tough challenge!
Thanks! It was super tough at times but also so beautiful. It was certainly a really memorable way to explore the Channel Islands!


What gives you the ideas or inspirations for your next adventures?
I look for 2 main things – somewhere new for me to explore and something difficult enough to challenge me. The rest just comes from being curious about the planet and an incurable addiction to maps…

The Channel Islands Triathlon was your own unique adventure, what was the advantage of this?
I get to make up all of the rules!


Where there any disadvantages?
I also had to figure out all of the logistics – starting from scratch! Fortunately, I had a lot of help from the local tourism boards and also the local community on all three islands.


What do you find the hardest part of logistics/planning and do you have any tips?
I actually quite enjoy the planning stages of an adventure but it can, at times, seem a hugely daunting task. My advice would be to break it all down and make a list starting with the all the things you don’t know or need to find out. Go through each item systematically – bit by bit. Find the people that can help fill in the gaps, stay positive. Slowly, but surely, you’ll get there.


You’ve gone from Actress, Fitness instructor to Adventurer. What was the turning point that allowed you to become a career adventurer?
It’s really just time– there’s no quick way into a new career. It’s been a steady process of improving my skills in things like photography and building up my public speaking, as this is where the majority of my income comes from.


Is there any advice you can give other women wanting the same career?
I’d emphasise that it can take time to build, so be patient. There’s a huge amount of work behind what seems like a really glamorous lifestyle and I easily work much longer hours than I ever did before. Take the time to find out what drives you – I think the stories that best connect with an audience have authenticity & passion behind them.

What are your plans for the future?
I have a couple of new projects bubbling away, but I’m afraid the details are top secret for now..!


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