Love Her Wild was set up to inspire women around the world to get out more, but we want to go a step further than that. Along with sharing and informing, we’ve decided to start creating unique and exciting adventures that women can join. Cue, the Everest Challenge.

6 women, over 5 days, in the Lake District climbing the height of Everest. That’s hiking an ascent of over 8,840 metres!

We are looking for women from all backgrounds with all different types of experience to join. Full details about applying can be found below.

Click here to find out more about the challenge and why Love Her Wild co-founder, Bex, put it together.

All-Female Expedition

How to apply

So there are a few things you need to know before you apply. Firstly, this is a big challenge so you will need to be fit and ready, if not now, then when we set off in 6 months time. You will be carrying your own food supplies, water and equipment, wild-camping each night and hiking up to 20km a day. Don’t worry if you don’t know where to start – a training plan will be put together for you by an expert.

Will it cost me anything?

There will be some costs involved in this expedition. We will be trying to get as much of the equipment sponsored. As well as looking for funding through grants and scholarships but, of course, this can’t be guaranteed.

Therefore, all team members need to be able to commit to paying the full ‘worst case scenario’ amount of £250. This will cover all training, equipment and logistics needed but does not cover transport to and from the expedition (in the Lake District) or the training weekend (location TBC). Depending on how successful we are with our applications, there may be no costs involved, but at this stage plan for paying the full amount if you apply.

The Commitment

By applying you agree to the following:

  • attending a training weekend on Friday 2nd (evening) – 4th June 2017
  • being available between Wednesday 13th and Tuesday 19th September 2017 for the expedition (this includes a travel day either side of the challenge)
  • following the training schedule in your own time so you are fit and ready for the challenge
  • spending some time helping the team look for sponsorship opportunities (duties will be split amongst the team and full instructions will be given on what you need to do)
  • doing 1 action that will inspire other women. This could be organising a talk at a local Girl Guides or school, writing an article about your experience, or any other idea you may have
  • being filmed, recorded and photographed for any promotional purposes and to writing at least 3 blogs during the training and expedition for
  • being a good and supportive team player who is accepting and tolerant of all peoples beliefs and opinions

Sign me up!

To apply, you need to join: the Love Her Wild Facebook group (here) and send an email (or video) to with the following:

  • Name, age, location, occupation
  • A bit about you, what you are like as a person and what you like to do in your spare time
  • Why you want to join the Everest expedition and how you want to use this opportunity to change or recognise something in your life
  • 1 way that you might like to inspire other women/girls (it doesn’t need to be anything fancy!)

1000 word limit. Deadline: 15th March

(if you can’t join the group because you don’t have Facebook, the email alone is fine for now)

Let me know if you have any questions ?

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