Wildcamping can feel significantly more adventurous than camping at a campsite with facilities surrounded by people. You might have an idea of where you’re going to pitch your tent wildcamping, maybe not. But wherever you choose, it can be a nice feeling knowing that it’s just you and your favourite people, having a big adventure in the wild together.

Here are a few tips for to get your kids involved and hopefully have a fun time too.

Try the first go in the back garden!

There’s nothing wrong with camping local, even in your back garden. We do this a few times a year, if we’re tight on time. It’s a fun way of having a microadventure and a great way of making sure you’ve got everything set up right and have all the equipment needed before you head off on your wildcamp.

Get them to help pick a spot/ route find

Does your family have any favourite getaway areas? Would wildcamping work as an option there? If so, great! Your kids will know what to expect when you’re there. If not, get them to help pick an area, show them the maps and possibilities and pick a spot together.


Let them get in their sleeping bags around the house, to get used to the feeling. Maybe let them pick their own cup to take with them, or headtorch. Let them take a bit of ownership of this adventure – you might be surprised how far they’ll run with it.


Let the kids pick what food you’ll be taking, as long as it’s within reason. Depending on how far you’re walking, maybe carry in a bbq (be sure to follow leave no trace principles and take all rubbish home with you)

Be open and honest

This includes possibilities of what you might be getting up to (playing games? exploring nature? wildswimming? Running around making noise?) as well as things they might not be that keen on (midges? going to the toilet outdoors? (follow leave no trace principles), no tv or maybe no mobile reception depending on where you go etc.)

Inevitably, wildcamping is a bit harder than campsite camping. You have to plan a bit more, walk in, pick a good spot, pack enough food, and all have fun, all the while staying safe. It is a great family challenge though that you can rise to together.

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