Are you ready to join the adventure of a lifetime?

Before you click that ‘sign up’ button below you MUST carefully read the following 7 points so you understand how the relay will work. Please note that we have a limited number of spaces on each day of the relay so book early to avoid missing out!

By booking, you agree with the following statements:

#1 You have studied the detailed relay map (found here) and understand the difficulty of the day you are intending to join.

#2 You are responsible for ensuring you are kitted out with suitable gear and are fit enough to participate in the relay. If you have any medical conditions you are responsible for consulting your doctor to confirm it is suitable for you to participate. Each section will have an allocated qualified leader who will meet you at the start of your day. So that the baton and the relay keep on time, the leader must ensure a steady walking pace. If you drop out because you are unable to keep up or would only like to join only part of the section, you will be responsible for yourself once you have left the leader. All participants must be over the age of 18.

#3 You will need to organise your own logistics including transport, accommodation and food. We have set up Facebook groups so you can coordinate with other teammates on your day.

#4 You agree to being filmed and photographed – footage and photos may appear on our social media pages but also on local and national press! The more we can shout about the relay, the more money we can raise for charity.

#5 You know that the plan may change. Although we will stick to the mapped route as much as possible, leaders may adapt and change the route because of unforeseen circumstances. Where possible we will keep you updated on any changes affecting your section via email. In the unlikely situation that we need to call off a day entirely due to safety concerns, we will try our best to move you to a different day on the relay of your choice.

#6 Your £25 (+booking fees) per day donation is non-refundable and non-transferable. You can NOT change days or names once you’ve booked, so make sure the details are correct. All profits raised from the relay will go to the Woodland Trust to protect UK’s natural spaces – your contribution is going to a great cause. If you’d like to support the Love Her Wild community directly, you can do so by becoming a Patron.

#7 And finally….this is a team adventure!! Please join the Love Her Wild Facebook group – the hub of our community. Be kind to your teammates, support each other and make sure everyone feels welcome and included 🙂

Booking Instructions:

To book more than one day:
Choose your first day > add your details > click add to cart > and click ‘Add another date!’

For group booking:
Choose your day > select the number of adults > add the adults’ details > continue with the booking

End 2 End relay - Love Her Wild