Social & Screening


September 2017, 6 women met for the first time and headed out into the Lake District to take on a unique challenge. Over 5 days, the team would attempt to climb the height of Everest, completely self-supported.

They failed. On day 3, after a string of unforeseen challenges, it became apparent that they would not reach their goal of Everest. It was heartbreaking, but then, something happened that none of them could have anticipated. The whole ‘point’ of the trip changed. Instead of it being a journey about physical achievement it became a journey of friendship and solidarity for all those other women who were facing real issues in their lives. It was not about reaching Everest but about walking away from the adventurer happier and stronger and united as a team.

What is your adventure?

In an adventure industry dominated by record breakers and super-human feats, we want to prove that you don’t need to climb (the real) Everest to have an adventure. We are ‘ordinary’ women. We vary in fitness, age, abilities and circumstances. Yet we managed to achieve a life-changing adventure on our doorstep costing less than £200 each! This was our Everest.

Join us on the 20th March, in partnership with Ellis Brigham, for the first ever public screening of the Everest Adventure short documentary. There will also be talks from the expeditiont eam with Q&A and a chance to grab a drink and socialise with some of the Love Her Wild community and supporters.

We look forward to seeing you there 


100% of proceeds made from the evening will go to support the education of girls in Tanzania. We will be running an exciting raffle on the evening with some great prizes to help inspire your next adventure. So do bring cash with you!


When: 20th March, 8.15pm
Where: Ellis Brigham Store, Covent Garden
Price: £10

All profits from the event, including the ticket price, will go to ACE Charity. Tickets are non-refundable.