Sadly in 2015, when Natalie Thomas’s daughter was just 7 weeks old, her father passed away. In November 2016, fed up with being overweight, she decided to do something about it. 2017 is the 2nd anniversary of her father passing away and she wanted to continue his high charity work spirit. Natalie has set herself an epic challenge: 365 days.. an average woman….mum to a 2-year-old daughter.. one aim.. to walk 5000 miles.

Natalie will be mentored by Laura Penhaul.

Female adventure mentor scheme

Meet the Mentor: Laura Penhaul

Laura Penhaul didn’t just have a dream to lead the first ever all-female team across the Pacific ocean, she made it happen. In January 2016, after almost 9 months at sea, Laura and the Coxless Crew rowed into the harbour at Cairns, Australia. They’d journeyed over 9,200 miles across the Pacific, becoming the first all-female team, and the first ever team of four to do so in the process. She is now back in her day job as a medic for the GB Athletics Paralympic team.

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Meet the Mentee: Natalie Thomas

Natalie is a 28-year-old mum to a little girl called Gia. She works in care and leads what she calls ‘a pretty average life‘. Natalie grew up in Yorkshire with her mum and dad. Charity and giving things back to people was a really important part of her childhood, which is why she has dedicated the adventure to raising money.

You can follow Natalie on her blog and donate here.