In 2018 Leah Atherton will be in denial about turning 30. She has decided to mark the event by running the South West Coast Path, a 630-mile coastal path, in memory of her late father, a talented athlete who taught her that stubbornness is good and that magic is never lost, only forgotten.

Leah will be mentored by Elise Downing.

Running the South West Coast

Meet the Mentor: Elise Downing

In her own words, “one evening, the idea of running around the coast of Britain popped into my head.  It was an idea I just couldn’t shake.  I liked running and I liked the sea – what can possibly go wrong?“.  Between 2015 and 2016, Elise made her dream a reality when she spent the best part of a year running 5,000 miles, unsupported around the British Coast. She was running up to 33miles a day and carrying all her kit on her back.

Find out more about Elise here.

Meet the Mentee: Leah Atherton

Leah is a linguist, runner and poet. Originally from Devon, she is happiest when at least 65% covered in mud. Sometimes she writes words about things and shares them with people on her blog Poet on the Run.

You can also follow Leah on Instagram at @poet_on_the_run