Water-to-Go - $29/£13

Water-to-Go - $29/£13









          Ease of Use


            Things I like

            • Looks good
            • Very sturdy
            • Easy to set up and to change filters
            • Tastless

            Things I would change

            • Leaks
            • Hard to drink from
            • Small and too wide
            • Requires regular replacement of expensive filters
            • Noisy when drinking


            The Description

            A plastic water bottle with an integrated filter system.

            • Bottle Dishwasher Proof (Lid is handwash only)
            • BPA free / all materials
            • 75cl capacity Weighing 138g (with filter in)
            • Removes 99.9% of microbiological contaminants (Replace Filter every 3 months

            The Test

            When I first heard about a bottle that had an inbuilt filter, I thought it was a genius idea. I get sick really easily from untreated water and have been using iodine drops for years. I don’t mind them, but I find them a bit irritating to use. So Water-to-Go sounded like a great, easier solution.

            I liked the look of the bottle, with it’s different colour options and the rubber band that goes around the middle making it easy to grip.

            I tested it out on a day hike in Snowdon, collecting water from a stream. I instantly recognised a fault in the bottle design. It’s wide and short (rather than tall and thin like most bottles) and it didn’t fit into my side pocket on the bag. So it had to go into the main pack.

            When I stopped for the first break, feeling thirsty, I reached for the bottle. It had leaked, not a lot, but enough that my sandwiches were now a bit damp.

            Water to go review

            I’m a bit of a gulper when I drink and I found it quite difficult to get enough water out of the straw. The removable filter screws onto the underneath of the lid and I could feel the effort of the water trying to get through the filter. The bottle was too hard to squeeze so by the time I managed to suck enough water out, my mouth was actually feeling tired.

            It also made a really loud noise when I drank. Things weren’t looking good so far for Water-to-Go.

            And, they only got worse. After my second break, I had already finished the bottle and had to refill it from a back-up water bottle I was using to store unfiltered water. The large filter in the bottle took up so much space that it didn’t leave enough room for water.

            This bottle is a great idea but the design is just not good enough. Not for a long day in the outdoors anyhow. Having a bottle that leaks is a massive design flaw. And not being able to get enough water that you need to quench your thirst is just pointless.

            Water-to-Go does get top marks for their fantastic customer service team who went out of their way to help when I expressed all the problems I had. I initially thought it was a faulty bottle but my new one had the same problems. This won’t be joining me on another adventure. It might be good for a short day trip, but then, why would you need to filter water in that situation anyway?

            In early 2016 Bex Band quit her teaching job to set out on her first big adventure, hiking 1000km the length of Israel. Adventure is now her life and work! As well as running Love Her Wild, she also offers advice and inspiration through her blog, the Ordinary Adventurer.