Summit to Eat


Flavour options


Ease of use


Smell & Taste






Things I like

  • Variety of meal options
  • No preparation (apart from boiling water)
  • Appetising, filling & comforting food
  • Compact & lightweight

Things I would change

  • Cost(s) for a multi day trip
  • Larger kits not offered as a vegetarian option

Summit to Eat is a range of freeze-dried foods – designed specifically for active outdoor refuelling. Upon receiving the samples I was initially very surprised at the lack of weight of each meal(s) ranging from just 80g to 136g and felt sure they could not possibly provide a sustaining nutritious meal for the outdoor life. This was based on zero previous personal experience of such meals and a general “their not for me” bias. Once reconstituted with boiling water, however, the results would prove to be rather appetising, filling and satisfying.

Packaged in a rather eye-catching semi day-glo pack I thought maybe they would be quite effective to find inside a rucksack, in the dark, at the end of a hard days trekking? Handy for someone renowned for misplacing head torches, mentioning no names.

So onto the pack itself, effective graphics on the front provide a shorthand preparation guide to time and the simple need to add water, with a bonus that no clean up of pans is required. More detailed preparation instructions for each meal is provided on the reverse though I did find the print rather small to read.

Simply use the tear notch at the top of the pouch to open the pack – an oxygen absorber sachet should be visible within the contents & is to be discarded as it has now done its job. I am sure this should be disposed off as ethically as possible – and even in extreme conditions a leave no trace policy is always the way to go.

I found it best to reform the pouch to enable a sturdy base for the pouch to sit on but the instructions didn’t say to do so.

Did I say to have your hot water prepared … oh well get the hot water to hand, double check the fill line (clearly indicated within the walls of the pouch) The fill lines are alphabetised and each pouch has it’s relevant indicated in the instructions.

Spoon at the ready I added the required hot water to the required level, stirred the contents thoroughly and refolded the pouch top & waited with growing anticipation.


Appearance….not instantly recognisable as oats but a generous amount of raspberries were a bonus
Smell….fantastic aroma from the raspberries
Initial Mix….oooer this looks gloopy
Timing….8 minutes
Ready….Wow this was a treat, the mix was creamy, tangy & so tasty I had to resist disassembling the pack to lick the remains straight from the pack!
Effectiveness….I felt satisfied & fuelled well enough for the tough day ahead
Likely to use again….Definitely, this kept me going strong for hours!


Note to self: take utensils with a longer handle as to dig around inside the pack was pretty messy with travel cutlery.