SheWee - $17/£12

SheWee - $17/£12







        Ease of Use




            Things I like

            • Great value for money
            • Small and compact
            • Useful for lots of situations
            • Easy to clean
            • Easy to use

            Things I would change

            • Box isn't great (doesn't clip easily)
            • Box is larger than it needs to be

            The Test

            The first festival I ever went to was Glastonbury, 2014. My otherwise awesome weekend was ruined by a horrible urine infection that I developed 2 days in. The kind that sees you peeing blood and feeling half gone from the pain. It wasn’t pleasant. I have no doubt why I got it, the toilets were nothing short of foul.

            I did try to keep up….


            When I signed up for another festival, Burning Man in Nevada (it’s a really amazing experience if anyone is looking for something a bit different), I was determined not to have a repeat of the year before. Someone had recommended this thing that I should use, called a SheWee.

            To say I was a little sceptical would be an understatement. But, at just over a tenner, I figured I couldn’t go far wrong. The SheWee comes in a plastic box with an ‘extension’, which I personally have never used. As advised, I practised it in the shower a few times until I got the hang of it. It didn’t take long.

            The concept is simple. The SheWee has a cup and a funnel. You put it in place, making sure the funnel is pointing down (you want gravity to push your wee forwards, not back – messy!). Then, you wee. This is the hard part. The psychological battle of weeing while standing as a female is not an easy one.

            SheWee Review

            When it came to the festival, this device was an absolute life saver. Just like a man, all you need is small easy access from the front of your clothing. You don’t have to go anywhere near the toilets. You stand back and do your thing. After each use, I would give it a rinse and store it back in the box. It only ever sees your wee so it really isn’t gross (urine is sterile so you can’t get ill from it). These have grown in popularity so much that when I returned to Glastonbury in 2016, they even had ‘SheePee’ urinals.

            I take it with me travelling now. It’s good for dirty public toilets and long travel days. I’ve heard of women using these on treks with male companions in desert conditions (ie. no cover) or in the military on operations when you can’t stray far from the road. It’s a handy companion to have in your toiletry bag.

            The one flaw? The storage box. It’s much bigger than it needs to be and the clip isn’t strong enough. At least it’s sturdy.


            You might think it’s weird, but it gets a thumbs up from me!

            (I’ve never got a urine infection again since using the SheWee, in case you were wondering!)

            In early 2016 Bex Band quit her teaching job to set out on her first big adventure, hiking 1000km the length of Israel. Adventure is now her life and work! As well as running Love Her Wild, she also offers advice and inspiration through her blog, the Ordinary Adventurer.