** Following the success of the webinar and so many email requests, the recordings will now be made available until the 17th May. To access the full recordings just purchase as normal below and they will be sent to you to watch in your own time. I’ll be happy to answer any branding questions you may have via email 🙂 **

‘Build your Brand’ webinar

Over 2 evenings I will be sharing all the knowledge and strategies I’ve developed over the last 3 years growing both Love Her Wild (the UK’s largest women’s adventure community which I founded) and myself as a public figure (working in blogging, giving talks and as an ambassador) to what they are today. My successes include:

– Growing a social media following to 40K+
– Growing a Facebook community to 10K+
– Gaining 20K+ page views on my website a month
– Being named one of the UK’s top 30 inspiring entrepreneurs, winning multiple awards, exciting speaking opportunities and appearing in national press
– Comfortably securing sponsorship with companies for thousands of £’s
– Working for myself doing my dream job all while living a life on my terms!

I built all this from the ground up….and without spending a penny on marketing or investments! I really believe in the power of the online space and working smart and effectively to reach your goals.

I promise to share everything I know with honesty and without leaving anything out. I’d also like to mention that I wouldn’t normally dream of delivering this workshop at such a low cost (I’m always telling people off for undervaluing themselves!) but in these challenging times, I want to use my expertise (in brand building, social media and online traffic) to help those who are in the same boat as me…..all while raising some much-needed funds for Love Her Wild to keep our community afloat over the coming year!

Who is this workshop suitable for?

My strategies and advice can be used for all industries. If you’ve got a community to build, a product or service to sell then you will find value from this workshop. From authors, artists, creators to small business owners! Please note men are very welcome to join the webinar – while my business is women-focused, the advice is practical and transferable to all.

Workshop 1: Grow your brand!

The first workshop will cover the fundamentals of growing your brand to where you’d like it to be. Topics covered will include:

– What things should you be doing to get yourself/your brand known in your industry 
– What things to avoid when growing your brand
– How to be more effective with social media
– How I grew my Facebook group to 10k+ and a social media following of 40k+
– Time for Q&A

Workshop 2: Tap into your brand’s potential!

I think websites are often the most overlooked tool by brands. A handful of well written articles can drive thousands of people to your website each month which can then translate into followers or sales. Hello passive income! In this workshop I’ll be covering the most up-to-date SEO and website information as well as looking at different ways you can make money (including things you may not have thought of). Topics covered will include:

– How I grew my website to 20K+ monthly page views
– Understanding SEO and how it can help you gain followers, sell a product or service
– Making sales and monetising your following and traffic
– How to work with companies for sponsorship and collaborations
– Time for Q&A

Need to know

The workshops work well together but they will be stand-alone so you can also choose to just join one if you feel its more relevant than the other. They will take place over 2 sessions on Zoom. 

As the live webinars have now taken place, anyone booking on will receive a recording of the webinars to watch in their own time. Any branding questions you have can be sent to me via email – I’m very happy to help!

All money from the workshops will be going to support the Love Her Wild community!

You can access the workshops for just £35 each or £65 if you join both.

Any questions please get in touch – bex@loveherwild.com.


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