Meet the team who will be attempting their first ever summit together on the Love Her Wild First Mountain expedition. They will be hiking Snowdon on the 3rd August and thanks to Salomon will be kitted out with all the essential gear they need to take on this challenge. Look out for updates on our social media pages.

Good luck ladies!!!

Kerry Bagshaw

Hi my name is Kerry Bagshaw and I will be 45 the day before I climb my first mountain. I am married and have 2 children and 3 Angels❤️❤️❤️. I wrote a list of things I wanted to do with my life aged 21, climbing a mountain was on the list .. for one reason or another life got in the way of this list and also a lot of sadness. The day I saw this climb advertised I had found the list and thought this was meant to be, why not apply and start fulfilling my dreams again! I suffer from anxiety and mild agoraphobia, sometimes I just freeze. I have no experience of hiking and have no clue where to start ! but I walk my dogs everyday in the countryside where we live. I would love to climb this mountain and hopefully more after .. to fulfil an ambition, get more fit and healthy and happy and show my children mum can be happy again. 

Daisy Atkin

I am fortunate enough to live in Devon, where I have access to acres of glorious countryside, two coastlines and miles of rivers. I did my degree in Geography at the University of Exeter, and have been in the West Country ever since. I have a love for the outdoors which is evident in my ability to sniff out a water source and jump in for a swim, even in the depths of winter. I have struggled with my mental and physical health for many years. I am taking on the First Mountain challenge to prove to myself that I can do it. My anxiety and body confidence has held me back, often being so afraid of going outside in ‘active wear’ and ridiculed that I abandon going outside at all. I am doing this to show everyone that just because I am overweight, there is more to me than my body size and I am capable of great things. 

Onsa Mehmood

As a little girl I always dreamed big. I dreamed of camping under the stars, walking through winding streets in ancient cities, and standing atop tall mountains, taking in the magestic views.  I started to tick some of those things off the list but then life happened and I was dealt some unpleasant cards. But I’ve decided now to take back control , to live out the dreams that I’ve been holding onto for so long. I’m hoping that this climb is the first of many and I am so excited to be a part of this lovely team. I know it will be an experience to remember. 

Caroline Lane

I’m Caroline,  55 and living in Newbury. I’ve got three amazing grown up kids and I work part time for the local council organising their cycle training and run my own cycle training and coaching business the rest of the time. My second marriage ended abruptly and quite nastily three years ago and since then I have struggled with depression, anxiety and zero self esteem.  My kids have been amazing at keeping me going, being the voice of reason, the lift to the station or the boot on my backside when I’ve been bottling it.  Now it’s time to do something for myself. I’ve never climbed a mountain and I really should. I owe it to myself and my kids to get over Snowdon and the mental mountain I’ve managed to build up. I won’t be fast and it won’t be pretty, but I know as a team we’ll do it.

Abigail Booth

I’m 31, I’m a mum to two amazing mini adventurers. I’ve been happily married for 10 years. My adventure bug bit in 2018 when I went to Rome for my 30th with my mum. I then took the leap and did a totally solo travel to Edinburgh. It gave me a huge confidence boost and pushed me to put myself out there more. I am incredibly excited and beyond grateful to be a part of this adventure and meet some other like minded women.

Alison Dent

I want to climb a mountain! I wanted to do it for my 50th birthday but I was put off by a hardcore adventurer friend who said that was such a cliche. It’s now 6 years later and I still want to climb a mountain and I don’t care what anyone says! I’m also about to embark on a six-month career break and am setting myself some challenges, goals and things to enjoy with no time pressure. I’m moderately fit and love to hike but this mountain will definitely be a challenge. The mutual support of a group of women willing to put themselves through the same thing will be the best way to succeed! So looking forward to our adventure together.

Becky Grainger

Hello, I live on my own in Bristol & I’m 45 years old. I’m unfit, but i enjoy cycling & most things outdoors. I’m interested in food & not just eating it! I get anxiety, I worry & think way too much. I enjoy learning & love nature, so I’m feeling excited that i’m about to start an internship in the woods. June last year i was diagnosed with breast cancer which has tested me on a deep level, and still does. But, I’ve learnt alot about myself. Ive learnt its ok to admit that I’m scared and that feeling vulnerable connects me with others.  So…i applied to do this, to focus on a positive ahead. Always wanted to do something like this and i really want to be part of a team, supporting each other all of the way. I’m excited & im scared! X

Emily Shaw

Growing up as a young Deaf person, communication and social environments were particularly challenging. I found a lot of comfort in being outdoors and engaging with nature, but growing up in London, opportunities to venture into wild places and discover mountainous landscapes were far and few between! Determined to make a difference, I moved to Wales 7 years ago to pursue my passion for nature where I studied Zoology at Cardiff University. Since my recent move to North Wales, I have wanted to climb Snowdon, but my lack of confidence and adventuring experience has stopped me from doing so. When I found out about LoveHerWild and the First Mountain challenge it sounded like the perfect opportunity to finally embark on my first summit up a mountain! I am really excited to be part of a team of like-minded women from all walks of life. This an exciting opportunity to inspire other women to have the confidence to embark on wild challenges, for the sake of their own mental and physical wellbeing.

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