There are already so many exciting adventures planned for the Love Her Wild community. Including….Cross-country skiing Finnmark Plateau, Winter Skills Week in Scotland, the first Love Her Wild Weekend 2018 and hiking the Lady Ann Way. It is no doubt going to be a great year. But there is more to come!

Here are 7 things that we want to focus on in the coming year:

#1 Celebrating the theme of the year; non-endurance adventures

Next year we want to put special emphasis on adventures that are not just about physical endurance, because it’s not all about running, cycling or swimming a really long way.

There are members who have physical restrictions, who don’t have the time to train or don’t have the knowledge or confidence to know where to start. Adventures that are challenging, but not necessarily about physical endurance have just as much to offer. So there will be more opportunities like our 12 Hours Wild and Solo (spending your first night solo in the wild) to ensure we are offering challenges of all variety.

#2 Finding a way for us to connect

I have been working on a few ideas that will help us to connect and meet other Love Her Wild women in the local area. The plan is to implement one of these early next year so we can start to make those all-important connections.

#3 Offering 10 free spaces via the Deserving Women’s Scheme

There are already grants and funding available to those who have an adventure idea and are ready to head off on their own. But what about the women who are not there yet?

That’s where the Deserving Women Scheme come’s in. To offer up free spaces to women on our events and expeditions who may not otherwise be able to attend. We see it as a stepping stone to build those all important skills, confidence and network.

I am running the scheme a little differently than most as nominations are done entirely on a trust system. I don’t feel it is our place to judge people’s situation and I really wanted to take the competitiveness out of applying….the outdoor world is already competitive enough as it is!

Funds raised from the Patreon scheme and from our T-shirts will go towards funding these opportunities for deserving women.

#4 A mass Love Her Wild challenge

The challenge is yet to be set, but the plan is to organise a mass adventure taking place on one day that will get as many of the Love Her Wild community out together working towards a singular goal.

#5 Implementing videos to accompany the website articles

Throughout the year I will be looking for opportunities to create short videos that will provide how-to tips and inspiration by women for women in adventure. They will sit alongside the blogs on our website.

#6 An expedition to inspire women underrepresented in the world of adventure

I will be organising another Everest Adventure style expedition and will be inviting women to apply to join. Together we will take on an adventure that has not been done before (the unknown is an important part!). In keeping with the theme of the year, this will not be about endurance this time but will be a physical and mental challenge in a different sense.

Applications will open in January and details will be shared on our Facebook page.

#7 Re-launching the new round of mentors

The end of the year closes the mentor relationships that Love Her Wild set up to help support women starting out in adventure. In March, we will be opening the process again and looking for 4 new women who would like to be mentored by a seasoned female adventurer.

I’d also love to hear any thoughts or ideas that you have to help make the community the best it can be – just send me an email at Love Her Wild is as much yours as it is mine and it is important that your voice is heard. So I am all ears.

Thank you for being part of the Love Her Wild journey in 2017.

Happy New Year!

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