The Everest adventure is bringing together a group of 6 Love Her Wild women to take on an epic expedition. Over 5 days in the Lake District, the women will hike the equivalent height of Everest. That’s 8,848m over a distance of 114km and 44 peaks.

The women come from all backgrounds and abilities and have only met once before. The purpose of this expedition is to prove that adventure really is open to everyone. And you don’t need to go far to find it! In fact, you can even follow in our footsteps and take on your own #EverestAnywhere challenge.

This blog was written by one of the members, Becki Read, who has been taking a key role in finding sponsorship and funding options for this expedition.

I can’t afford it…

I’m sure that like many, the lack of funds has been an important factor in determining whether or not you can do something. As a team, we’ve explored various options for helping to fund our trip and to make it as affordable as possible. And they can be narrowed down to 4 avenues…

1 – Start Cheap

There are lots of ways you can keep your expedition costs down before you have even begun. Having it close to home is a good start where flights and visas don’t need to be factored in. Shortening your distance or length means fewer days to spend money. And wildcamping and cooking food on a camping stove will be your biggest saver.

2 – Apply for Grants

There are a surprising number of grants available – just google and see what comes up!

Some have quite strict criteria for applying whilst others are a bit more relaxed. We applied for a variety of different ones – just be prepared for it being a bit like applying for car insurance: everyone wants slightly different information and after a while, you start to lose the will to live!!

Top tip – keep a copy of everything you submit….
a) so you can copy and paste to other applications and
b) some grants have a second phase to their submissions and ask you to expand on things you wrote in your first submission – always embarrassing if you don’t remember what you wrote!

In the end, we weren’t successful with any of our many applications…but we tried!

3 – Sponsorship and Support

The phrase here has to be ‘ask – they can only say no!’. Do you have any local outdoor companies (producers or retailers) who might be interested in your adventure or interested in helping you because you’re local?

We approached all sorts of companies and were successful with some (Columbia, 1000mile socks, vivolife, tent meals) and not with others (Cotswold Outdoor, PhDesigns). When approaching a company it’s good to be clear about what you’re looking for i.e. specific bits of kit or funding, and also to think about what you can offer them i.e. Social media coverage, a mention in a write up in your local paper etc.

Having sponsorship for gear meant we were able to really keep the cost of our expedition down as kit and equipment was our biggest expense.

4 – Beg and borrow

If all else fails, or even as a starting point, see what you can amass from asking friends and relatives. People are often more than happy to help out and can at times be extremely generous. Sometimes that generosity extends to physical ‘things’ whilst at other times it can be gifting their time and knowledge, which can be equally valuable. And don’t forget, there’s also a whole community accessible to you via Love Her Wild who may be able to put you in touch with people and companies who might be able to help!

To give you a fine example of this, the generous folk at National Parks have agreed to give us a lift mid-adventure to save us having a long flat walk through Keswick to get back where we need to be…the mountains.

And all for £115!

The Everest team have managed to source most of their gear and equipment through sponsorship in exchange for exposure and appearing at events. Missing items have mostly been borrowed to fill in the gaps.

We have organised to lift share to get to the Lake District (estimate £20 petrol per person), have 2 nights in a B&B before and after (£60 per person), subsidised expedition food (£19 per person) and have splashed out on some expedition T-Shirts (£16). Meaning we are each paying around £115.

Not bad for a 5 day adventure. Some solid memories and a few life long friends!

We’ve decided to use our adventure to raise much-needed funds to support girls through their education in Tanzania. Please do donate if you can…..thank you!! 🙂

A huge thank you to our sponsors for supporting this expedition: ColumbiaNational ParksTent Meals1000 Mile Socks and Vivo Life.