Welcome to Love Her Wild….

I’m Bex Band, founder of Love Her Wild!

I discovered my love of adventure and the outdoors late in life. It wasn’t easy in the beginning…I was an ordinary woman struggling with confidence and feeling out of place. But once I started adventuring I couldn’t stop!

I’ve hiked the length of Israel, kayaked the width of the UK and more recently have kick-scooted the length of the USA! I share all my stories and advice on my blog the Ordinary Adventurer and public speaking.

Through adventuring, I have learnt to value experiences over things. It has taught me compassion and kindness for people, animals and the environment.

I wanted other women to experience this too so built Love Her Wild. A community without judgment or competition where ordinary women like me can do extraordinary things…while having a fun in the process!

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Bex x

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Love Her Wild Ethos

Love Her Wild is a UK based community providing support and opportunities for women in adventure. We have a thriving private Facebook group with over 5,000 members and local groups where free get-togethers are regularly organised. Every year we organise a number of all-female adventures both in the UK and overseas.

The most important aspect of Love Her Wild is the sense of belonging and community. We take the competition and judgement out of adventure, instead focusing on teamwork, compassion and just having a really good time. Adventure should be fun!

We like to organise expeditions that are unique and authentic so that women don’t come with expectations and can have a taste of what a real adventure entails. We are passionate about protecting the planet so always look for ways to reduce our impact and often run expeditions with a strong conservation focus.